Holly-Daze (series)

Second Week

Moving along–

to what happens after,

the tricking & treating,

and G-rated laughter–

since when kids,

shut eyelids,

& start sawing logs,

the oldsters,


in Halloween togs.


The female among them

will no doubt choose slutty–

–witch clothes

with striped hose,

or maybe a bunny…

‘Made famous by Playboy

decades ago,

She might come

as Nurse!

(dressed as a ho’)


The disguises–

of most guys is

–generally spartan

(I don’t mean the Greeks)

I’m talking the garment,

which might be

the same as–

he wears when at work,

topped with a seasonal

hat and a smirk.


However we do it–

we do like to play…

differing roles,

than those lived each day,

so ponder

the person,

you’d most like to be…

Your close up

is scheduled–

for this Halloween.


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Second Week

Week 3

4th Down


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