Greg’s Year in Review


March Hare fools April,

(Hatter mad & turtle quick)

and capricious she, boomerangs

May Days into month next,

showering June with

Gloom Bugs–

–Bigger than Moons–

but Lady-like in spots, too.


Not the bugs celebrating


from Kings & burning children

well beyond the 4th day of month next–

lightning bugs…

(and fireflies)

spangling skies & beginning a tradition

that opiates a populace with patriotism

and backyard barbeques, besides,

until Days wax to Dogs–

–howling hot and

let out by God knows who,

but probably Golden Retriever Dogs…


As luck would have it, the 9th month

(Laboring perpetual 911 emergency thru photo opps)

––flies by in consummate fashion →→

and when it’s Killing Time,

that’s a blessing.

A straight up blessing.

Primal release that Rocks

it all Over All Hallows,

and All Hallowed, too

> Prissy Hallowed <

everybody knows

sex is standard operating procedure

after mortal loss,

(look it up!)

the door between worlds wide open that 31st day

–giving thanks for this & more!


Parodizing a Last Meal,

Paganizing a Big Deal,

Until January, cold and forlorn,

reminds you just how little there is to

Love without commercial recourse–

–when you March into See’s,

silent as a lamb, but

quick like an Easter Bunny–

to foil hearts.


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