Holly-Daze (series)

First Week

It’s autumn–


a big Harvest Moon.

The leaves,

from the trees,

upon the ground strewn.

Carpeting porches,

Sidewalks and streets,

Filled with masked children

Soliciting sweets.


Provided by neighbors

–unless they are foolish,

since unsweetened children

Can often be


Opting to trick

in absence of treat,


of twisting

the Charmin’ in trees.


Or egging

a doorway,

darkened and quiet,

venting frustration,

in albumin riot–

yes, the ways

one can pay

–for skipping tradition,

are bad for resale

and border sedition.


So don’t

be a hero–

on next trip to store,

buy oodles of candy

to keep by your door,

and hand out to kiddies,

attended by Mommy

–who can’t be


‘cause Mommy’s a Zombie.



Second Week

Week 3

4th Down


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