Remote Cntrl


The images streaming on TV are better

–they don’t


talk back

–they aren’t

avante garde Nail Art,

they’re barred

from grey real estate

–they can’t

erect unsanctioned billboards

–they won’t

spit in cross winds

and picture in picture is strictly up to me.


It’s a silk-free area…

full of needled sows,

free of virtual pets,

minus personal lies,

missing obligation,

Its airbrushed projections an agreed upon deception–

not individuated

ideologies comprising a global society for which

there is frankly no evidence…


so grand, though!

They need an E like venti latte, grande!

A quest for constant audience

that rings more hollow

than donut holes

as spherical as a



and kissably starred like that, too.


Host growing more obsolete by the day,

not up…

Just like the baby that died in China,

while its virtual sibling garnered all the attention.

The one shipped stateside–

stamped with the

tired trademark

. . .

although the death thing, you know,

made a DPI infant preferable in that instance.

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