are effective!

they point as they exclaim!

and since they lack the normal tact

I love them just the–

–same as meta-4′s,

the digit best to meet…

Very like a simile

with “isness” more–

–completely don’t like clauses.

Those commas cause delay!

conjunctions function

well enough

if you’ve too much to–

–say it like you mean it!

Getcher verb on


‘cause commons nouns

(though unadorned)

keep propers


–Case in point→

an allegory,

conceals its agenda,

the fable leading reader

to a moral at the end–

–a homonym’s a word,

that changes what it means.

Move the “e”

and lose the “c”

to render

“scene” a–

–seen it,

read it

here, folks,

that words are thoughts for food,

that’s why it’s best

to double-check,

that which you’ve construed.

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