Spells “dog” Backwards (working title)

In the beginning


is the Word

and the Word

–the beginning.


the Upon

. . .

–neither Man-u-fractured “time”,

nor unnecessary





dark & stormy night



. . .

is God’s story.

. . .

the Big Guy, you know,

your upstairs border

–the fella that barters in place of bucks

. . .

(you might have seen His Ted Talk)

. . .

but however it goes,

He’s a righter.

(a role, sure, but it explains the rent situation)


(and re-Righting)

His U∙ni∙Verse

Word by Word

–a tome of quatrains, couplets and haikus wherein we are all graphemes–

(characters linked into words)

(mostly geographic)

excepting the compound verbs families compose, and

the repeating technique generations braid by epic chapter

. . .

that’s epoch chapter, but am I repeating myself?


Events cribbed on The Wrist

Happiness bolded and


Natural Disasters crumpled pages with which He’s disgusted,












just Cross-Outs,


Death the Red Pen that edits.

–courtesy Lou Cipher Ink–

a P.O.D. outfit whose contracts bear a certain amount of scrutinizing,


~as they are~

in coded legalese. . .

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