oRiginal teXt


In the Beginning

there was the Word,

and the Word was


. . .

–well, piecemeal.


Written on the inside

of a discarded burrito wrapper

in the middle of the night

–sans light, since even the Big Guy kept the wee hours shady–

a goodly portion of this scrawl was hard to decipher come daybreak

(the 2nd day)

–the scribble in direct burro dribble downright illegible

(too bad, because it was Good)

consigning 2 of the Original dozen commandments to the bin straightaway,

while the remaining 10 were ballpark at best.


Sure, the “do not kill” admonition

ultimately ensured mankind’s survival in a manner the intended

“do not kill time” directive probably wouldn’t have,

(over time, anyway)

and granted,

the dictate condemning theft

kept the masses in check

(and check-out lines)

to a greater degree than the proposed

“do not veal” might have,

(tough on the calves in both instances, though)

but the instruction

to forego adulthood was completely misinterpreted.

Resulting in millennia worth of monogamous automatons,

and Grown-Olds quite impervious to

the daily wonders all around them.

(sliced bread, and people short on guts come to mind)


So you can see why a New Testament was in order, which by then, Thank God

Jobs and Gates were around to micro (soft) manage.

(that Apple was Originally a persimmon!)


True, the advent of auto-correct misconstrued the Golden Rule, and

“Do until others do unto you”

was salvaged only when the G-Man ran a half-assed spell-check,

and yes, the hyper-link to heaven was rife with malware

a certain disgruntled Wingman had coded,

(whereas wifi became the focus one was cautioned not to covet)

but altogether, the kinder, gentler version

of the Almighty’s creed was a runaway success, and lo–


God 2.0 was branded.

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