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cross out

I kicked the smoking habit

burning nun

in favor of

breathing fire
take a dragon this

and my mouth tastes

très ashy

now, but it’s better than Gaulois…

ditched contacts for

horn-rimmed windows

to frame my face


–which wood

look silly–

(you’d think)

except I gave my


the day off

just a temp job, anyway

planting couch potatoes

the way my garden grows

and strapped

Lazy Boys to my soles,

that way I can relax

~on the go~

©Karen Robiscoe

Ver-Knack-Knack (jokes)

so totes!

& since spirituality

is the true religion

I need you to share if you agree…

Agree that

1 share = 1 LIKE

for the fight against:






Big Brother,

and brother, you are some kind of commie if you don’t.

Only kidding


laugh out loud without smiling at all,

my friend


keeping in mind

“you should be writing!”

and that:

“books are for reading–not faces”

*said no one ever *

and that only in Norway

can you attend college free of charge

Yet only in America

is chocolate actually a salad

(meme for meme, a better trade-off)

Whereas only in the World

does its most exciting man abstain from drinking, occasionally

but when he does imbibe

–when he does–

shit howdy,


Let’s just say, he shouldn’t be on facebook

he never clicks on even one cancer survivor’s story

not one!

proving what an a**hole he well & truly is

…when he is, of course, being an a**hole….


Looking Glass
wireless wizard


ruby red cursors


Beginning, middle, end.

The left


And right for once…


the force



her all along

she runs shell games

forgetting Kansas…


revealing there never was

a place like home…




In house

~with widow’s walk~

In attic

–damp and dusty–

dead but alive

–seeking but lost–

I lifted ancient blinds,

and found a barred window…

painted shut and caked

with years-thick dust,

and though allergic

to work

(and dust)

I sawed at the bars

with emery boards

—day into night

and perpetual next—

until time ended


and I broke through

I knew not where–

–cutting iron



Scraping layers

of grime from glass,

I rendered the


crystal clear

chiseling at coated sill

—end to end—

to jimmy-wide the window,

to revel in possibility,

to flex my limits,

and sticking my neck out,

I felt only the



I pulled back inside.

(behind polarized glass)

foiled the wrong way,

dividing the whole

into unlikely quadrants

–reflecting only

partitions of others–

in chaotic mosaic,

and I realized I was

all wet.

Einstein’s Cat


if you want to change your point of view,

write a poem…

write several.

write enough to qualify as multi-verse, and

laugh a lot


(and alliterately)

and when nO One watches

jump thru the O

in that pair·of·ells

to a brand new cOsmo

–an updated spin on Groucho,

slip into different drink,

–an altered slant on Roofie

make that Quantum Leap,

–a favorite show on TV

tune a different channel,

controlling what’s remote.

 ©Karen Robiscoe

Chick’s Imbalances


She was a hip chick,

and knew when to get her groove on,

knew when (patchouli) smoke was


just smoke,

and knew when to keep

the lava lamp burning.

Batter Apart

Cookie & Breadstick got together

at start and stop dinner
and lived well-off Divinity for a while

it’s very rich

and everything crumby

until things got stale,

and Breadstick went to hell…

he needed the heat to stay hard

Cookie getting all Betty Crocker with a need to conform…

becoming a secret Cutter

who never dared to use Sprinkles,

Or Icing,

Or even Powdered Sugar,

without Stick’s go ahead, who


morphed into the Doughboy

Burying Pills in his breadbasket to get through dinner

while Cookie Cutter hit the sauce pretty hard,

mixing up rum balls

(to cover)

burning Pan several times in the process

–and most associated utensils–

and it was inevitable that both glutens eventually batched out,

retiring to the shelves of the Big 4 store from which Breadstick and Cookie Cutter hailed, to await the return to

the Baker

–the real Baker—

all sixes & sevens & sum


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