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time$ up

Buy, buy, buy.

$pend, spend, spend.

a grasping, consumer driven


driven to spend beyond limits,

remember this
–all that goes buy–

time spent


final sale.

Is non-returnable.

Is unrefundable.

time spent

is gone forever.

A permanent rabbit ear

in definite cap, and

yeah, you can kick reminisce–

wondering down memory lane,

but every minute spent


has a high



Price paid



for an intangible

–impossible to title.

time spent

planning tomorrow–

a gamble without capital

–banking on a paycheck

from a job

you don’t have.

the Arc of it

rainbow sun cloud_ssh

Sunny & Misty lived in the blue

–yonder, beyond where

you & me do,

united, the combine arrived

every day,

Mist colored rosy by Sun’s

warming rays,

and after the rise

of rays, and the rose,


Misty dispersed

on air’ends she’d go…

hov’ring above where Sun liked to stay

beaming and burning, lighting the day

and as seasons passed

the duo renewed

flowers with showers,

piercing Mist through

lightning so striking

it traveled on breath,

that Sunny exhaled

deep from his chest,

together as weather they’d fashion

a bow,

a piping of striping to make their

reign glow,

and though some might posit

the dyad ill-paired,

–connected collective

commanded th’ air.

Needs Indirect Light

she was a helluva gURL…


posting cultivated
–man your gonna love this–


(don’t expect sh*t)

‘planting light bulbs that seldom grew,

but appealed to glow worms

on Display

(night crawlers)

all the same,

rendering loam the hardier,

and gURL, too.

‘grafting fan to CD


-antics to insure garden variety

(the Normal document gone missing long since)

while precluding greenhouse effect

‘raising Cain in that controlled

alt delete

environment, and no China Wall,

bull-headed she–

(as gURLs can be Spicy, too)

confused sugar



fairly consistently.

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