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lunch ticket

Hey-lo, blog-O-peeps. Punchers of keys, tappers of text…’Wanted to invite you to take a sustenance break, and pop over for some delicacies at Lunch Ticket… Come for a pre-holiday feast of sumptuous literary journal at Antioch, Los Angeles, and we’ll foot the tab. A banquet of fictions, creative non-fictions, translations, and interviews with top tier authors of the Pulitzer Prize ilk, there’s a poetry section, too. Amuse bouche after amuse bouche, you can get full on the appetizers alone!


almost as good as cake!

While you are there, be sure to scroll down to poem: Violet Rain. A poem I wrote which title toys with Jimi’s haze, the direction it takes is anything but purple…er…prose, that is. A real break for you readers of word-punnery, I am proud, super proud–to have made their A list.

ThanX for your support, and have a great and ful-filling day…:)

Lunch Ticket (current issue)

lunch ticket


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