Brian’s Song


He calls me Mom

my greying, baby son

I’ll miss him when he’s gone


Last week strong

Next near done

He calls me Mom


He fought life-long

each day hard won

I’ll miss him when he’s gone


our Brian Song

our ken of none

He calls me Mom


At last all wrong

in form undone

I’ll miss him when he’s gone


‘Til next life dawns

‘Til then, my son!

He calls me Mom

I’ll miss him when he’s gone.

©Karen Robiscoe


Dedicated to my dear friend suffering both cerebral palsy and AML leukemia. As some of you know I chef part-time, although pretty much none of you know I also care for a person with cerebral palsy. We’ve had some terrible news of late. Just terrible. I couldn’t be more shook up about it, so any consideration is especially appreciated at this hard, hard time.


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I bring to you an arrow, whole, Use it, or break it, But if you choose to take it --Know-- With it also, I will go. © Karen Robiscoe @1992

25 Responses to “Brian’s Song”

  1. nice post….,love it
    friendly greeting, kaligrafi

  2. Wow – gave me goose bumps! My heart goes out to your friend…

  3. sending you and your loved ones strength. z

  4. My heart is full and my thoughts are with you…there is nothing that makes our good byes easier and the hurt runs through our body in its own rhythm and on its own path. I wish you feel the love and support of the many many people who are holding you close during this untenably tough time..

    • The Wall is so hard…and doesn’t seem to need this brick it’s taking…but through love and faith, we struggle on.

      Thank you a lot for your heartfelt words.

  5. sending blessings hugs and prayers your way!
    beautiful-sad poem

    • Doris, bless you for your empathetic words. It’s hard for me to just say “what” but I needed to do it. (screaming on the inside, you know)

      Your kind thoughts are much appreciated.

    • I know what you mean
      just kept it out of your system
      its better to write and talk about it
      and remember our blog community is
      with you not only me but all of us

  6. Thinking of you, your friend, and his mom, and sending good wishes your way. May you all be wrapped in physical and virtual hugs and love.

  7. I can’t click LIKE.

    I’m sending your friend my prayers, and I hope you can be very, very strong for him.

  8. You have really touched me with this piece, Karen. I read it twice and allowed it to have its way with my heart. I can’t say that I understand all that’s going on with what inspired you to write it, but I stand with you and offer prayers and a virtual shoulder if you need it.
    Best wishes during this time, my friend.

  9. Renard Moreau July 28, 2013 at 6:23 pm

    [ Smiles ] Quite lovely!

    • aw thanks, Charlie. Thanks a lot. It’s so effed up, but especially for him. I have to believe his energy will transmute to a higher, more refined plane (or brane, even) where he will be allowed all he was denied and so deserves on account of his exceptionally sweet nature.

      GB us all..

  10. Wonderful tribute to your friend. *hugs*

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