Gertie & Co.


Not all earth worms are dirty

you know,

Take the case of Gertie

from SLO…

Each night at nine-thirty

or so,

Her face and sturdy bottom

would glow.

Gracing those around her

with more—

Light than most worms

witnessed before,

Such high beams did Gertie ‘s

bum cast—

the worms renamed her wormy


Those rogues! Her glow–was rose

despite term…

So she proposed the title

glow worm!


About Charron's Chatter

I bring to you an arrow, whole, Use it, or break it, But if you choose to take it --Know-- With it also, I will go. © Karen Robiscoe @1992

16 Responses to “Gertie & Co.”

  1. Dirty Girtie the glow worm…sounds sassy!

    • oooOOoo, she is. Gertie’s a sassy lil whippersnapper…um…to juxtapose some terms, but when don’t I…:)

    • LOL! That’s part of your charm!

    • Heyy…can I ask you? I was making this animation…and having troubs with the color turning muddy beige instead of bright yellow in the end. But I tweaked some things, and now hope it shows as a bright yellow glow at some point…does Gertie look yellow or beige on yer end? (cuz we know she is sooo not beige…hehe…and perversely, not really yellow, either, in that punny sense) Thanks for the extra set of eyes, too, Kitty Kat…:)

    • She goes from yellow to beige to a ruddy tone, then back to yellow. I think it looks great!

    • hmmm…I am going all those colors over here at your place this morning!! haha! Bee-lushing good stuff…:) Er…racy you might say…:)

      and thanks for the feedback…would that be a hairball…? oh ell oh ell…I am onna roll!!

      I think I must randomize that for future refernce…

    • All I could do while reading this was belly laugh. You’re good for my sense of play.

  2. Very clever. I remember once, I had taken some illegal substance – this was over 20 years ago. I had already been terrified by seeing the Grim Reaper, so we left that area and on the way back, I saw a glow worm. With what I had taken, it heightens your awareness. It looked beautiful. At least until the little bugger grinned at me to show it’s teeth. Did I tell you? That was the last time I took that illegal substance LOL

  3. What a joy to read! Gertie is fun and clever and I love how she shines.

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