Misterfer Cristofer

Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONS CHATTER
Mistefer Cristofer

came here last Christmas

a conifer cutter

on tree trimmers’ wish list

a caliper tucked into

trim tree man’s

waist since

you can’t snip a conifer
clueless of tree width

and can’t infer revelers

measure a fir’s pith

and conifers

can in fact

burgeon behemoth…

a cone for example

can f**k up a sat dish

cross channels


and general bandwidth

since bracts can cause cracks

when falling from distance

so next Yuletide season

call Misterfer Cristof

His Swiss-ti-fer

army knife’s

better than twist off.

Meet “Missy Chris”…a female Yuletide fairy…click: Santa Baby

©Karen Robiscoe

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