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Post of Lights


Diane Robiscoe original artwork

Diane Robiscoe



Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTER“Limelight”


Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTER





Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTER

“Traffic Light”


Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTER“Flashlight”


Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTER





Hey-lo, Blog-O-peeps. I missed getting to this year’s Parade of Lights, but wanted to brighten the place with a few light-hearted, streaming gleamers, anyway. I hope you enjoy this lil’ light show, and that your week is de-lightful.

Original Artwork “Lights” by Diane Caroline Robiscoe
Wikipedia; Lightning video author: Nathan Boor of Aimed Research
Follow Valhalla70’s on Youtube for more great videos like Lightfoot.

Saint Walmart


The holidays

are special times

marked by special Spirits,

but less appears

in literature

concerning the austerer

—imps and sprites

that tried for right

to wish you Christmas tidings…

Why, night before

I heard the lore

of Spirits now in hiding…


Take good Saint Knock

who’s deep in hock

since losing out to Nick’las

to stocking stuff

because he suffers

phobias ridic’lous…

Afraid of crawl—


(and name due to his jitters)

Knock dropped the Claus

—and gifts on lawn.

since knocking didn’t get it.


And reindeer Rudy’s

attitude toward

—booty got him booted,

as kissing rear

was nowhere near

where Santa’s sleigh was rout-ed…

And while he fawned

and flattered hard

he never got an offer,

’cause noses brown

can’t light a town

quite like a red-light topper.


And what about

the unemployed

who tried to work the season?

At North Pole Inc.

they made a stink

but cited corporate reasons…

Then implementing

ways of vetting

toy & tech designers,

height code insured

their workers were

elves…or else in China.


But never fear

most Christmas cheer’s

on layaway at Walmart…

A corporation

that killed our nation

’cause shoppers aren’t that smart.

Since one-off elves

like one-off shelves

and anything that’s BOGO…

It’s not so hard

to disregard

the “made in China” logo.

Karen Robiscoe dba CHARONs CHATTER

©K. Robiscoe


Misterfer Cristofer

Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONS CHATTER
Mistefer Cristofer

came here last Christmas

a conifer cutter

on tree trimmers’ wish list

a caliper tucked into

trim tree man’s

waist since

you can’t snip a conifer
clueless of tree width

and can’t infer revelers

measure a fir’s pith

and conifers

can in fact

burgeon behemoth…

a cone for example

can f**k up a sat dish

cross channels


and general bandwidth

since bracts can cause cracks

when falling from distance

so next Yuletide season

call Misterfer Cristof

His Swiss-ti-fer

army knife’s

better than twist off.

Meet “Missy Chris”…a female Yuletide fairy…click: Santa Baby

©Karen Robiscoe

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