One Enchanted Eve’n-ing…


At loose ends,

God fashioned Adam

first of Men,

from über Dad

and finding gaps,

then added Madam

Brink of Night He carved from Rib,

giving her a whittled fig’

an “hour-glassy” scrimshaw chick…

Despite the paring – —

–Madam grappled,

(hidden urges)

banned in chapel,

& after sharing

♣ Adam’s Apple ♣,

ditched his Pip to kiss a Toad

–who as most know from lore of old

can alter Toad’s genetic code…

Since well-disguised

• by warty outers •

resided prince with

~ morphing power ~

trumping Airs

of diner dour

–whose table manners lacked noblesse–

needed breeding and finesse

a want for which she sought redress

to move as maid

from biased Garden

to flyest pad & lily pardons

where dual acts are not regarded

with views unkind & spirits hardened

–and thus when Madam

>made from ribs<

kissed her Adam’s


it made Dam glad that this exhibit

did in no way Adam


a truer pairing

almost mythic!


♠ Eve of Night ♠


♥ Prince of Ribbits ♥

Karen Robiscoe is my favorite ayuthor ever in all time bar none it doesn't get any better

©Karen Evelyn Robiscoe

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I bring to you an arrow, whole, Use it, or break it, But if you choose to take it --Know-- With it also, I will go. © Karen Robiscoe @1992

3 Responses to “One Enchanted Eve’n-ing…”

  1. Certainly very interesting and provocative as well as evocative imagery. Truly enjoyed this.

    • Thanks, Pat. It was fun tying the leap from the lily pad of Froggy Prince–the ribbit–to the garden & Adam & Eve–the rib girl.

      Twas an adventure for me, too! Super fun to actualize, and thank you a LOT for saying.

    • You’re welcome – and well, I’m enjoying the journey and process too 🙂