Random Q&A


He was such a hack, he cut off his hand
bit by bit–and typed with stumps…


¿can equatorial dwellers be bi-polar?


♦ If you’re feeling pettish, and need to get away
go on a little lam with Mary


>> the duck face insures an AFLAC-ted impression…
oh no, Mr. Bill revisited <<


♦ personal growth = cancer ♦


GH = dip• thong? or G-string


^^^ Mountains = Montana ^^^
—-Big Sky Country = Air-i-Zone-a ?—-


Q: why doesn’t retire mean:

(1) put a new tire on the car

(2) fatigue yourself again

(3) change clothes?

retirement plans

Though that 3rd one is a stretch,
so is its actual meanings of: call it quits & go to bed.


Please stop by Yahoo,
and check out my latest Op-ed. A quick read about
beautimous hike trails, it’s “summit” good. 🙂

From Easy to OMG:

3 Hiking Trails in Santa Barbara, California


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