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mini me

pre•tent•ious = airs you put on before camping


wis•dom= why is dumb in this


emotion isle dysfunction = unrequited love


spin•ach= prima donna allergy


multi-fauceted = dual showerheads


piquing Tom = angry peeping Tom


gird your thoughts – spanks your thinktank


hat rack = handicap


and remember, if you ever want to rest, don’t climb Everest…

Ran = dumb


Karen Robiscoe is a great fiction writer

I refuse to weigh myself on a scale—a size 1, it’s an effective choice. Why then…do I weigh myself on a virtual scale every day?


♦ vindictive librarians are ventriloquists ♦


right next to “unknown” search terms in the Dashboard, WP oughta put “uncool” search terms…


Poly-gon. The girl tried angling, but couldn’t.


a good relationship = based on friendship
a great relationship = based on “elationship”


♦ longterm goal: to write a haiku which multi-syllabic title is longer than the actual haiku itself ♦


Regarding popularity: Kim Kardashian’s popular. And so talented, too.


Q: how does a hypochondriac celebrate?

A: sham-pain (she bruise herself)


♦ Selfie – Self = IE


I wonder if Pharrell Williams head is a “room without a roof” for real;
you never see him without a hat…


Random Games



diets are over•ate• it


ma•new•script = my new story


meta4 + meta4 = medit8


An animal advocate, he joined the army to become a vet.


I wonder if Al Gore’s middle initial is “E”


Poor Vicki. Her new boyfriend’s name is Michael.


if you win a game of hangman online, you get a hangnail


If you win a game of iSpy online, it’s a win/win


if you win a game of “spell-check” online, Google auto-fills


if you lose a game of “education” online, Google auto-fills 😉


if you lose a game of Chess online, you’re a virtual rookie 


if you win a game of tic-tac-toe online–


you log off!


Priority Male


A parcel was delivered to the wrong address.

As the house number was barely legible,

it made the rounds in the cul de sac


until it was determined to be addressed to

the new neighbor, who at this point was

very famous for his package, sight unseen…


the Write Randoms


pinup_girl copy

* pin up girl = voodoo doll *


com’roberate = corroborating with a comrade


I don’t have a writer’s block when it comes to finishing this series, I have a writer’s grudge.


Space shittle = the #2 priority on all space missions
(Space Piddle = why)


Mypain headache = a blinding sadness


My circulation is so bad, when I die, I’ll be in mint condition.


My skin is so thin, I moonlight as an anatomy model…


God = the ultimate “Wait til your father gets home”



carpel tunnel = side effect of chronic muse-terbation


car pool tunnel = best lane to negotiate English Channel—Can use fictional character as passenger


carpel tunnel = something lotsa riders have to get through

CHARRONs CHATTER dba Karen Robiscoe


Random Q&A


He was such a hack, he cut off his hand
bit by bit–and typed with stumps…


¿can equatorial dwellers be bi-polar?


♦ If you’re feeling pettish, and need to get away
go on a little lam with Mary


>> the duck face insures an AFLAC-ted impression…
oh no, Mr. Bill revisited <<


♦ personal growth = cancer ♦


GH = dip• thong? or G-string


^^^ Mountains = Montana ^^^
—-Big Sky Country = Air-i-Zone-a ?—-


Q: why doesn’t retire mean:

(1) put a new tire on the car

(2) fatigue yourself again

(3) change clothes?

retirement plans

Though that 3rd one is a stretch,
so is its actual meanings of: call it quits & go to bed.


Please stop by Yahoo,
and check out my latest Op-ed. A quick read about
beautimous hike trails, it’s “summit” good. 🙂

From Easy to OMG:

3 Hiking Trails in Santa Barbara, California


Over 8 Randoms




Q: when is 4 ½?

A: over eight


prediction: 140 characters or less will attend the funeral of Twitter founder.


Q: why did Santa kill Rudolf?

A: He over-eight….


Taylor Swift sings: If I Die Young, Bury Me in Satin,

which is far more popular than Taylor Slow‘s song: If I Die Old, Bury Me in Burlap


Mark Zuckerberg invented a locker-room way to remain on Sugar Mountain forever.


Interesting Gates called his creation Windows


Q: Is a phone number phat, if it over eight?


Interesting Jobs made so many jobs obsolete….


pre-wedding jitters = giddy-up for your hitch


Q: Be-nign fat?

A: It over-eight…


if your work generates no income, can it be taxing?


Q: Infinite such questions would be?

A: over-eight-ed…


infinite love


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