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Random Games



diets are over•ate• it


ma•new•script = my new story


meta4 + meta4 = medit8


An animal advocate, he joined the army to become a vet.


I wonder if Al Gore’s middle initial is “E”


Poor Vicki. Her new boyfriend’s name is Michael.


if you win a game of hangman online, you get a hangnail


If you win a game of iSpy online, it’s a win/win


if you win a game of “spell-check” online, Google auto-fills


if you lose a game of “education” online, Google auto-fills 😉


if you lose a game of Chess online, you’re a virtual rookie 


if you win a game of tic-tac-toe online–


you log off!


the Write Randoms


pinup_girl copy

* pin up girl = voodoo doll *


com’roberate = corroborating with a comrade


I don’t have a writer’s block when it comes to finishing this series, I have a writer’s grudge.


Space shittle = the #2 priority on all space missions
(Space Piddle = why)


Mypain headache = a blinding sadness


My circulation is so bad, when I die, I’ll be in mint condition.


My skin is so thin, I moonlight as an anatomy model…


God = the ultimate “Wait til your father gets home”



carpel tunnel = side effect of chronic muse-terbation


car pool tunnel = best lane to negotiate English Channel—Can use fictional character as passenger


carpel tunnel = something lotsa riders have to get through

CHARRONs CHATTER dba Karen Robiscoe


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