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It’s best to leave

X at end of

alpha bet

right next to Y ’cause

U know Y

(TV 24/7 4 1)


2 recap would be


a snore

at best

–requiring lots and lots of tissue and

a throwdown


at worst

–requiring lots and lots of gauze

since all manner of characters would crowd each other and

get Jumbled and

form unlikely sequences that simmer and stew and

no one really likes alphabet


not Cook or



— War Hall, either–

’cause there’s just no art to those letters.

Yup, there’s a reason X is so far away

from point A

A point very close

to B

which is the only route through,

the only cohesive path…

U C.

Mental Chewing Gum

I moved to

Simple City

–life is easy

for me here.

No one quaffing micro brew,

no, everyone drinks beer.

and people speak more plainly, too

in syllables of one

no need for point of reference

you’ll find there’s really none.

the lines you see are crooked, sure

but nothing in between

no silhouette of fallen

to cloud the thing you mean.

prompt: simplicity


Point (out) Blank

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If you fill in blanks

with words

like space,

will that even

leave a trace?

Or load a gun

with absent bullets,

when round is done

is it still full–it

also makes me wonder


you have blank check

are you then rich?

since wealth will hinge

on how you balance,

the blanks you draw

on empty canvas.

daily prompt:



art of the Meal

curryIf you like the

favor curry

brings to the table,

I have just the recipe for you.

don gloves—kid gloves—

since you’ll want to keep

the too-generic additions

to a minimum

–kneading clean gladhands to

pat backs in the mix


ingratiate plenty of shreds

of processed modesty

–artificial or imitation is fine

in any fishbowl

adding cut ups

of butter

–unmelted by mouth

and whipped with

titters simpered in thyme,

along with a dash

of humility

(for color, mostly, so go easy)


deglazing with boatloads

–bucketloads in a pinch




–diluted and reduced!



1 c. love.


Fine Print

Library of Congress Copyrights

held by Karen Robiscoe

TXu001744340 / Spirited Remix (novel-length urban fantasy) (2008)

TXx001858011 / Charrons Chatter website literary works (2011-12)

1-108937175/ Charrons Chatter website literary works (2012-13)

1-1473592358/ Charrons Chatter website literary works (2013-14)

1-1094537083/ Through the Monitor (Book 1 in Cyberland Series) (2013)

1-1091337122 / Screen Borrow (Book 2 in Cyberland Series) (2013)

1-1473589671 / 3D Effects (Book 3 in Cyberland Series) (2014)

There. Several hours, and some dollars later–up to date, and protected by our hairy ole Congress…:) The discovery of my name as a dot com prompted this action years ago—it isn’t mine—as well as good, old-fashioned, common sense. Theoretically, copyright is instantaneous, but nothing like dotting a few extry “i’s”…

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