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…on a Crutch


My Uncarved block is scored with ruts

just like my 8 fold path,

My Dharma wheel has popped its nuts,

Its inner tube gone flat…

My Star of David wanes its wax,

and cross is in the shop…

My Yang and Yin completely black,

since Buddha Belly-flopped.

My rosary is thick with thorns!

and chalice full’a brine,

My Eucharist is stale, and pour—

fermented 2 buck wine…


©Karen Robiscoe






lite sabers


a funny word

it seems more like directive

what the depressed

might well request

of trouble to correct it

but woebegone

means woe•be•there

at least it does on paper

though Obi Wan

Kenobi’s woes

are flavored more Darth Vader.

©Karen Robiscoe

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