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Gone Missing


2K fiction. White with black markings. No collar. Answers to title: “Tossed & Found” Last seen in the vicinity of: Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly (press) Caution: considered twisted.

Reward Offered!

For any information leading to the story’s capture: Free print/digital/e-book copy of the Publication wherein the fiction will be kept: Literary journal Dark Light 3, coming out this March, 2013. No questions asked.


Nice, eh?


Find Crushing Hearts (books) on the Amazon Top Ten Best Sellers List, Goodreads “Best Independent Book” list, Facebook & the above-listed dot com.


Stay tuned to the Published category here at CHARRON’s CHATTER for updates.

An update even now:

congratedsThese lovely lines of unsteady Teddies are a digital SO from my all-time favorite animator, that Prince of Pixelation, that King of Cartooning: Mr Dave Sutton! Thanks, Dave Sutton! Your work at Sevenoaks Animation is getting  ever so much better! Oh wink-wink, nudge-nudge, elbow-elbow…but seriously. A delicate and somewhat beautiful tear is tracing a path down my fragile cheek. It’s all very poetic, really…

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