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In Like a Lion


It’s been a while since I posted 411 in the Pub Process category about anything even vaguely “process” related, much less where manuscript urban fantasy SPIRITED REMIX stands, and the truth is…it doesn’t. Stand, I mean. Oh, it sits pretty, all right…Runs late, turns over leaves, hikes mountainous mole-hills & back, but rarely loiters about. Since it’s off on some notable adventures even now, it’s as good a time as any to update the more nuts & bolts oriented chick-e-rooz here at the CHATTER as to how the whole submission/publication/blogging thing is panning out for me.


A couple encouraging nuggets: two short fictions will be available this month and next—in digital/ print / Kindle but I’ll be posting specific posts about those as they release, so a big brush stroke is all that’s needed just now, while two poems will be available in the same format in May & July.


A few other short fictions are out there, too, under who-knows-what kind of consideration (meaning standard cold subs) along with several poems, and while I’ve been more diligent about submitting recently, there’s always room for improvement.

construction dude

I am currently writing two short stories, the working titles of which are: “Internet Café” & “Silent Night”. I’m champing to begin a longer work after wrapping up these, and I’m also involved in preparing an entry for a blogging contest—but more to be said as that evolves. I don’t want to jinx myself into inertia, which idle talk can do I’ve found.


I’ve recently joined the Hub Pages community. Since I cook professionally & privately both—as an in-home chef—I thought, what the hey? And then I thought: wow, and “why not”, too. Why not a recipe blog that showcases the huge quantities of flour I’m wont to use, and my ability to test extremely hot dishes without benefit of ice water? Scintillating topics both, and while I’ve only written a few Hubs thus far, I am liking my new Spinners.


My purely-recipe Hub Pages are under the banner: CHARONSCHATTER, too, mostly because I’m brilliantly original, but also because I didn’t think the URL thing through before clicking in the dotted text box. (Note to self: think the URL thing though before clicking in dotted text box) Web address aside, my Hub Pages are a happy offshoot of clicking on the trailblazing links of Christy Birmingham, Hubber, blogger & poet of no-et, and an extremely nice lady, to boot. Christy’s a Hubber not a Fighter, and within a few clicks of joining the Hub Pages, I knew why. With hundreds of varied topics presented by an equally diverse group of writers, it’s as good as Cable News-papering!

small newsboy


Now on to the Big News. Or big to me, at any rate. Remix is under requested review by two Houses right now, both so sleekly slick & sassily glossy, I would be Cosmo Girl thrilled to spin tales there forever and ever, amen. (more news after a word to our sponsor)


In tangential happenings, not one but two of my limerick series is under review by agreement— if not request. I queried folks looking for fictions in a theme that matched two of the limerick series, and after some back and forth, the series “got in”, though how they do once ensconced is another question. As any regular surfer on my site knows, the limerick series are my babies, and by far and away some of the funnest stuff to write. So, keep your fingers crossed for these verses from Nantucket!

twisty fingers

Finally, I’m pulling the plug on the “Cardio” category here at the CHATTER. Actually known as: Gym-a-palooza, this op-ed series featured reviews of local sweat shops, and posited reviewing six—but I am good to stop at three. Cut me some slack! At least I did three reps of gym visits, and joined Spectrum Gym on a more permanent basis, too, after discovering there’s really not much to say about dumbbells, after all. I guess the word: dumb should have clued me in sooner, and if I do decide words must be written about Sweating to the Oldies or Downward Dogging; words like: “fetch, rollover, & play dead”, I’ll review a Yoga class offered by Spectrum—since they have plenty such classes on their roster. Besides, any gym at rainbow’s end must surely be gold, and Spectrum’s amenities & features fit my featured needs admirably.


That’s a wrap for now, then, chickens. Now, let’s uncross chicken feet, step into the road & hope for the best.

Gone Missing


2K fiction. White with black markings. No collar. Answers to title: “Tossed & Found” Last seen in the vicinity of: Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly (press) Caution: considered twisted.

Reward Offered!

For any information leading to the story’s capture: Free print/digital/e-book copy of the Publication wherein the fiction will be kept: Literary journal Dark Light 3, coming out this March, 2013. No questions asked.


Nice, eh?


Find Crushing Hearts (books) on the Amazon Top Ten Best Sellers List, Goodreads “Best Independent Book” list, Facebook & the above-listed dot com.


Stay tuned to the Published category here at CHARRON’s CHATTER for updates.

An update even now:

congratedsThese lovely lines of unsteady Teddies are a digital SO from my all-time favorite animator, that Prince of Pixelation, that King of Cartooning: Mr Dave Sutton! Thanks, Dave Sutton! Your work at Sevenoaks Animation is getting  ever so much better! Oh wink-wink, nudge-nudge, elbow-elbow…but seriously. A delicate and somewhat beautiful tear is tracing a path down my fragile cheek. It’s all very poetic, really…