Can’t Get Car Far Without This


lately, I

never find

my keys outside my car,

smacking brow

then and now

they gleam on seat so far

–and near

but oh my dear!

I’ve locked them in again…

not once or twice

or even thrice

but four times over, and

the first two times

I realized,

I’d trapped myself without–

I called a cab

and paid the tab,

then went a different route…

for latter half

or keyless gaffe

I hiked a hitch with strangers,

imagine my

pure delight

to find it was game changer…

as both these folk

were selfless blokes

and birds, they went

the distance…

taking me,

to house and sea

minus fee each instance…

beyond largesse

the pair was blessed

with dispositions fine…

and though I swear

to have a care–

next time, these trips divined–

that people can

be thoughtful, and

change their plans for others,

since under skin

the heart within

is sister and is brother.

©Karen Robiscoe

“who is forgetful” **

daily prompt: “I have always relied on the kindness of strangers”

Special thanks to Michael–“who is as God”–and Katrina–“who is pure” (what their names mean) and as you can see–are exactly what their names mean. Thank you so much, for restoring my faith in humanity…and membership in Triple A. 🙂 🙂 🙂

**a derivative of Katrina actually, so I am “purely” forgetful, though I think purely absent-minded sounds more miss-tickle. Of course, I’ve forgotten why I think this…and what was I saying again?

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