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whirled wide web


I knee-board a cobweb

–ride tandem with my hacker,


dust mouse

to second site

–when it’s feasible

since I rely on


and phone booths are hard to come by.

I would upgrade, too,

I would!

If my desk chair

wasn’t a Tuffet,

if the water spout

was self-contained,

and if the super hero

–of comic book fame–

was always

Peter Parker.






the final line

of clothes design

equates to tops and bottoms,

to frame or hide

the you inside

flaunt ‘em if you got ‘em…

and if you care

what duds you wear

you must accessorize…

some frippery

or stitchery

to make you stylized.

and baubles come,

and baubles go,

in terms of got to have–

from jeweled nose

to topless hose,

to elevate the drab.

forward now

to day at hand

the thing that all must own,

is not a spangled~

~cuff or bangle

oh no, it is a phone.

if you’re unsure

about allure

I cell, well, kill those qualms

you’ll quash all doubt

next time you’re out

if you look up from palm.


daily prompt: fashion must-have

Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTER

Back With the Wind


Once upon a movie, morphing,

into reel and change important

many a disappointing endings I’d seen before

there projecting, plot rewriting, a better line for Rhett—uniting

southern belle and he, despite propensity to be a boor,

To turn on heel and close the door,

To give a damn, and nothing more.


Succinctly I rephrased, final words to leave unscathed

their Dixie land Union to wedded bliss, and end their war,

Eagerly applied erase—white out, too, to wipe all trace

from the film and so replace—the fallen face that Scarlett wore

the spoiled and crimson maiden whom the populace called a whore,

Nameless here for evermore.


Hack (I was) to alter script– utterance, by Rhett, the dick

lines the Author chose that left poor Scarlett on the floor,

Retelling and reshaping, endings glad at final taping,

thereby changing, and replacing final sense of great dolor,

to viewers choice, it was no chore,

to regale Wind at least once more.


By that edit at couple’s parting, I guaranteed a sequel starting,

with counseling and compromise unlike before,

perception checking every time, something irked or someone whined,

teaching them to heed the signs—of discontent the other stored,

to shut their beaks when shutting would restore accord,

Quoth the Rewrite: evermore.

©Karen Poe-biscoe

daily prompt: Inside my favorite movie

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Can’t Get Car Far Without This


lately, I

never find

my keys outside my car,

smacking brow

then and now

they gleam on seat so far


–and near

(it seems)

but oh my dear!

I’ve locked them in again…

not once or twice

or even thrice

but four times over, and


the first two times

I realized,

I’d trapped myself without–

I called a cab

and paid the tab,

then went a different route…


for second half

of keyless gaffe

I hiked a hitch with strangers,

and picture, please, my

pure delight

to find it was game changer…


as both these folk

were selfless blokes

and birds, they went

the distance…

taking me,

to house for key

minus fee each instance…


beyond largesse

the pair was blessed

with dispositions fine…

and though I swear

to have a care–

next time, these trips divined–


that people can

be thoughtful, and

change their plans for others,

since under skin

the heart within

is sister and is brother.


©Karen Robiscoe

“who is forgetful” **

daily prompt: “I have always relied on the kindness of strangers”

Special thanks to Michael–“who is as God”–and Katrina–“who is pure” (what their names mean) and as you can see–are exactly what their names mean. Thank you so much, for restoring my faith in humanity…and membership in Triple A. 🙂 🙂 🙂

**a derivative of Katrina actually, so I am “purely” forgetful, though I think purely absent-minded sounds more miss-tickle. Of course, I’ve forgotten why I think this…and what was I saying again?

I.Q…it means eye liner, write?

Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTER
orbiting the sun,

a loon-a’sea
employs moon wacks to

polish wing tips

like Ick R us

wishing for gravity boots

all along,

you know,


that giant step from man


to cement imprint.

exactly like Blue Man group, except it’s Grau Man’s…


feathers like rain

–and crazy desire to howl and gnash jaws


birds aren’t feral—

dodo brain!

or even lupine.

©Karen Robiscoe



don’t Brake for Pedestrians

Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTER



once made

ya’ gotta walk that talk…
chewing gum–optional

take a couple laps

for lip service,

a ribbon & pledge-free proposition

and putcher

money where your mouth is…

exactly like orthodontia except how it’s completely different

–and other tried and

tired clichés—

get some momentum going, you know, and

if you yourself are cliché tired, why’nt ya g’head

and jump start that



Gas ‘er up.

from idle to devil’s playground in sixty seconds

bearing in mind that this hybrid


gets wicked


mileage when


with electric,

use the Ziggurat Lighter for this

runs forever,

and emits

no noxious fumes


Jenga (has left the building)

It was Odd Jenny found herself in Petri’s fishbowl, but whoop, there she was–

shortcomings multiplying like


and everyone knows rabbits can’t swim–

the lacking, lucky paw lacked Web-bing, and was hacked anyway

an equal 2 Bits, you know, and Maps of Bits…

any remaining, luckless paws flaunted as rues

a Hugh•mungous failing–according to Hugh

an e•Greg•ious error–as far as Greg was concerned

though Himself was somewhat poorly hewn, and Greg, well–Greg. Him was so often confused with Crag, what difference did it make if not rappelling?


and quite Hein•ous (in Heinz-eye) but nevertheless re•Markable to Mark’s mind…

a soon to be he-she, Mark dba Marcia didn’t count

while in Mike’s view–croscopic as it was, Jenny•Jenny was purely pore,

spinstering tails from her own tuff•it as the Odd Miss did…

kinda her wheelhouse

Yes, things were Max•i•mized, and hung upside down

in the Window


(a la Chinatown, to mix references)

when Miss•Odd•Jenny

got whacked by the

boy’s Club.

©Karen Robiscoe

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