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the final line

of clothes design

equates to tops and bottoms,

to frame or hide

the you inside

flaunt ‘em if you got ‘em…

and if you care

what duds you wear

you must accessorize…

some frippery

or stitchery

to make you stylized.

and baubles come,

and baubles go,

in terms of got to have–

from jeweled nose

to topless hose,

to elevate the drab.

forward now

to day at hand

the thing that all must own,

is not a spangled~

~cuff or bangle

oh no, it is a phone.

if you’re unsure

about allure

I cell, well, kill those qualms

you’ll quash all doubt

next time you’re out

if you look up from palm.


daily prompt: fashion must-have

Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTER

Dogma Chasing Karma


my life was full of

karma bugs,

from my skull cap,

to my Ugghs

–picked ‘em up while sowing fields–

–aided by a turning wheel–

–seeded for a karmic yield–

and though a few

came out in wash,

the rest of ‘em I could not squash.


I swatted some

up in the air,

alas, a lot came

down from there

–falling to the bed I’d made–

–next to which I sometimes prayed–

–petitioning a sunny day–

and since my chickens

roosted there,

I let them be

as Nature’s



Foregoing swat,

I tried by fist,

throwing down,

but could not squish

–even one when fingers spread–

–casting 3 back at my head–

–index hanging like a thread–

pointing out my

trebled blame,

my harvest

in this karmic game.


And recognizing

game afoot,

I realized to

fight’s no good

–and “going there”, I came around–

–at which point, all bugs came down–

–no longer bane, but new friends found–

a crop of opps

I reaped that day,

on b’itchy back

was karmic pay.

©Karen Robiscoe

daily prompt: karma


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