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Back With the Wind


Once upon a movie, morphing,

into reel and change important

many a disappointing endings I’d seen before

there projecting, plot rewriting, a better line for Rhett—uniting

southern belle and he, despite propensity to be a boor,

To turn on heel and close the door,

To give a damn, and nothing more.


Succinctly I rephrased, final words to leave unscathed

their Dixie land Union to wedded bliss, and end their war,

Eagerly applied erase—white out, too, to wipe all trace

from the film and so replace—the fallen face that Scarlett wore

the spoiled and crimson maiden whom the populace called a whore,

Nameless here for evermore.


Hack (I was) to alter script– utterance, by Rhett, the dick

lines the Author chose that left poor Scarlett on the floor,

Retelling and reshaping, endings glad at final taping,

thereby changing, and replacing final sense of great dolor,

to viewers choice, it was no chore,

to regale Wind at least once more.


By that edit at couple’s parting, I guaranteed a sequel starting,

with counseling and compromise unlike before,

perception checking every time, something irked or someone whined,

teaching them to heed the signs—of discontent the other stored,

to shut their beaks when shutting would restore accord,

Quoth the Rewrite: evermore.

©Karen Poe-biscoe

daily prompt: Inside my favorite movie

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