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Make a blank for it


If words were curbed,

like boulevards–

–there’s only one I’d pick,

not seven, oh,

oh, heavens no,

just one could do the trick.

a term that bends,

that moves and wends,

–delineating streaks.

it flees,

~and flows~

how fishes go,

a’swimmin’ up the creek.

yes, win or lose,

this word is used,

by would-be politicians…

it tallies score,

when bases—four

are rounded after pitchin’

this word can morph’

into endorphins,

found on falling feet,

it trips through mind–

–and family lines

in similarities…

defining, too

the freedom, you–

have in your own roost…

the bottom line,

of daily grind

–and what that grind produced.

a plethora

of other’a

meanings are assigned,

to word I’d choose,

to always use–

–to run this world of mine…

©Karen Robiscoe

wordpress daily prompt: if language was reduced t0 7 words

(I’d be in better shape)

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