Hands Off


Heddy was handy

with needles and skeins,

linking the loops

& cabling twain,

uniting yarns

& fixing the frays

–fastening flax

–so matter of fact

–it’s how she relaxed

–that Heddy was trained

Heidi, however,

–her housemate—

was not,

in spite of the

silks & fine threads

she bought,

that girl couldn’t purl

the worsted Hed’ wrought

–tried like the dickens

–needles a’clickin’

–her best was slim pickins

–she couldn’t knit squat

sew knot too surprising

that Heidi resented,

the well-woven

yarns that Heddy presented,

and after a while

this envy fermented,

–that Heid’ was no lady

–she simply went crazy

–and plucked Hed’ like daisy

–but suffered a shock.

Since Hedwig

–the hedgehog—

evidenced armor,

despite of the fact

that Hed’ was a charmer,

coat crackled like hackles

toward those who would harm her

–before she was through

–that Heidi would rue

–the ha-ha she brewed

–Hed’ pricked Heidi harder.


©Karen Robiscoe

daily prompt: don’t touch

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