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Yell: Ow!


yellow bellies

bellow yellow





get a move on,

get your groove on,

mellow yellow’s


yellow pages

–before talking

walk at Yellowstone,

fingers idle,

dial a ride,

& cab it hitchin’ home…

yellow slicker

foils fever,

waterproofing salt…



sting, and brother!

hurt like hell without…


notes it,



slow cars as they go,

such a lot

of stuff you got,

imbued with hue that’s yellow.

Karen Robiscoe




Hands Off


Heddy was handy

with needles and skeins,

linking the loops

& cabling twain,

uniting yarns

& fixing the frays

–fastening flax

–so matter of fact

–it’s how she relaxed

–that Heddy was trained

Heidi, however,

–her housemate—

was not,

in spite of the

silks & fine threads

she bought,

that girl couldn’t purl

the worsted Hed’ wrought

–tried like the dickens

–needles a’clickin’

–her best was slim pickins

–she couldn’t knit squat

sew knot too surprising

that Heidi resented,

the well-woven

yarns that Heddy presented,

and after a while

this envy fermented,

–that Heid’ was no lady

–she simply went crazy

–and plucked Hed’ like daisy

–but suffered a shock.

Since Hedwig

–the hedgehog—

evidenced armor,

despite of the fact

that Hed’ was a charmer,

coat crackled like hackles

toward those who would harm her

–before she was through

–that Heidi would rue

–the ha-ha she brewed

–Hed’ pricked Heidi harder.


©Karen Robiscoe

daily prompt: don’t touch

Point Be


‘Searched for truth

until eyes blurred

‘swiveled hips

until they burned

‘scratched my pen

until it emptied

–dined on little,

starved on plenty.

Hosted egos

’til it hurt

‘tempted kismet

kismet t→U←rned

‘dove in pools

’til I floated…


dead & bloated.

‘Blazed my trails

until the last

‘mining nuggets

others pass

‘jumping lines

to sweeter paths

loved all in

‘KicKed some aSS.

©Karen Robiscoe

daily prompt: bucket list

Puttin’ on the Dog


Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTER

a barker at market

marketing parkas

told me to park it

beneath his marquee…

Remarking my burqa

was yesterday’s jerkin

and hurtin’ for certain

the way I’m perceived…

Shaking out tunic

in shaking down movement

he barked that most sheiks

are taken with frayed

–fringes and edges

as long as alleged

unraveling hems

are finest of suede…

Then trading my jacket

in bartering racket

before I could counter

my coat was replaced,

by fast talking honcho

hawking pseudo-suede ponchos

to passing by pawns

showing poor fashion taste.

©Karen Robiscoe


Pot-tea Humor

Karen Robiscoe dba Charrons Chatter

It’s been a while

since “Never Was”

featured in the Muse

though not refined

these Fairy kind

are comfy as old shoes

Not buffed, but scuffed

their souls have holes

too big to count as Windows

thus booting roles

in Hubbard’s sole

if you get innuendo.


As inference is everything

at least it was for Teapot

—a highly septic

plump dyslexic—

Tea never got the sweet spot…

To tout about

her girth or spout

beyond initial reading

since claim to be

> a pot for pee <

was gist of words misleading.


Just as bad

a time was had

by Not-So-Bitsy spider

that mammoth bug

could tow a tug!

stacked ten-deep with riders!

And so it wedged

in spout for hedge’s

—watering outside

thereby losing

chance for schmoozing

children’s story-time.


It took a night

of firefighters—

blasting it with hoses

to clear all eight

legs from spate

meant to water roses

a creeping curse

since fate got worse

the instant bug was free

the Fairy there

was unprepared

so stomped it with her feet.


No quaking

moppet, she

didn’t stop, until

the smashed arachnid

was spot of grease

and though at peace

to this there was reaction…

No role, for sure

—in Fairy lore

no wheying in from Tuffet

> a-rach-na-cide <

is reason why

this final Fairy roughed it.

©Karen Robiscoe

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