Holly-DaZe (series) #5

5th Golden Week

No matter what level

of build-up and fuss,

the advent of Yule,

is there to remind us–

the meaning behind

the yearly to-do,

that insists

on a list

of to-do

for you, too.


Saint Nick’s not the fellow

prompting the pomp,

he’s busy enough

with his own global romp,

landing on rooftops

and dropping down


–A cause–

worth applause,

since Santa’s not nimbly.

(Besides which, the roof pitch,

is totally wintry)


It comes down to love,

of which there’s too little,

the seasonal reason–

for joy in this riddle,

(that’s highly obscured)

by a hodgepodge of rites–

involving gift-giving,

and pine trees with lights,

and extra-hard logs–

that burn extra-bright.


Yes, the swell in Noel,

transcends its wrappings,

its trimmings & pinnings–

its ribbons & trappings.

It venerates Christ,

on day of His birth,

whose tender


made peace

here on earth.


Happy Holly-DaZe, blOg-O-pEEps!! Thank you for coming by now and again. If you missed the start of this 8-verse sequence, you can get up to date (and actually beyond, lol) by clicking the links below. Hope you are feeling fat & sassy & oh-so-chill during this much-deserved break from the salt mines.

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