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Turduck…or not Turduck


duck is dandy,

chicken fine,

turkey tasty,

~let’s combine~

the 3

–with dressing!

/ cuttin’ skills /

tho’ some might say

that’s overkill

Chicken Little,

Foghorn, too,

Daffy Duck

would all eschew–

this triple decker

>^^<    like a cat   >^^<

instead suggest

a nice Big Mac,

made from Clara-

-belle bovine!

(fact’ry farmed)

’til killin’ time,


and added to


so good for you

wrapped like hearts

in extra phat

(the end result)

to eating that

stuffed as shirts

of corporate sellah’

–completely free–

of salmonella…

©Karen Robiscoe

prompt: hard to make

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