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Turduck…or not Turduck


duck is dandy,

chicken fine,

turkey tasty,

~let’s combine~

the 3

–with dressing!

/ cuttin’ skills /

tho’ some might say

that’s overkill

Chicken Little,

Foghorn, too,

Daffy Duck

would all eschew–

this triple decker

>^^<    like a cat   >^^<

instead suggest

a nice Big Mac,

made from Clara-

-belle bovine!

(fact’ry farmed)

’til killin’ time,


and added to


so good for you

wrapped like hearts

in extra phat

(the end result)

to eating that

stuffed as shirts

of corporate sellah’

–completely free–

of salmonella…

©Karen Robiscoe

prompt: hard to make

Duck, Duck, Use

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there’s always

the “person”

to call in a sitch’

the handiest fellow

that helps you to fix,

the dings

on your things

–your notches

and nicks–

a certified


at overt


that mends

all the dents

& make sure

it fits…

But do-it-yourself

is there for the choosing,

since duck tape

is useful

& not that confusing,

a sticky



~rolls out~


the cost

of solutions

& pocketbook


preserving your ducats

& lessening


©Karen Robiscoe

prompt: Handy Man


Quitter Quotes

white flag

how many ways

can you throw in the towel?

~wave a white flag~

/ call the ball foul /

ca$h in your chip$

(call it a day)

how many ways are there

out there to say:

↑ hey, uncle ↓

(gone  AWOL)

<now left in the lurch>

* for giving up ship *

–& calling off search–

(to cop out & opt out)

† of state, law, & church? †

~to shy from~

/ resign from /

¡ t0 f0rfeit !

2 cede…

how many ways

does one really need?

* since powder *

once taken

~can come after wash~

<your hands>

of the lot

(of it)

with terry-cloth tossed.

©Karen Robiscoe


La Bottom Me


I got ’em–

booty, belled, and buck,

the latter

don’t matter

I got wicked luck,

the former

~a fine one~


middle one



up one’s

and out ones

and those made of rock

this last one

a past one

an end to hard knocks,

the first is,

what thirst is,

at taverns and pubs…

between which

a road ditch

to rattle your hubs,

there’s barrels


of perilous pears,


in question

and best to


like signs


in sand


best not to cross,

at own risk,

you’ll skip this,

trip coming at cost…

in end what–

is best butt,

beats deep in your chest

a love from

your heart’s bum

is better than rest.


 ©Karen Robiscoe

Sounds Write


crOssing Eyes

& doTTy Tease

is polka-dotted author

–glossy lies





is what I offer…

braided weave

~ nOt saint ~

≠ nOr beast ≠

but all that Arcs between ’em

will plait

my creeds

distinct degrees

while rOping in new meaning…

©Karen Robiscoe

Daily Prompt: How I’ll Become Famous

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