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Running Randoms


what’s the best job for an egocentric pescatarian to have?

sell fish


you can say what you want about the mafia, but one thing’s indisputable:

A Don Is always good-looking.


Sure, Betty’s a wino but at least

Her’coolies are strong.


what do you call a mean comedian’s set?



ever wonder why the Bible doesn’t fudge page


the way hotels lose the 13th floor?

Ongoing Randoms


Blogs are good for exercising the writing chops.
It’s like walking the blog. Something you do every day…
2x if you’re a good blog owner…


tan•trick sex = getting jiggy with it


avatar = thumbful of numbskull


“You rock.” the actor said.
“You role.” the stoner replied
& thus the Rock of Ages was born.


I wonder if people that post memes touting the lack of ego, and/or
need to get outside are gratified by the traffic this generates..


better to be on•jury duty than in•jury duty


what the vowel pair said upon meeting: o-HI-o
what the foul pair said upon meeting: o-HELL-o


 the chairman = rockin’ role


if mummies were prone to somnambulism…
Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTERwould they: Sleepwalk like an Egyptian?


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