Holly-DaZe (series) #6

6% Sales Tax Week

The day’s centered ‘round

the noblest ideal,

that starts at late mass

upon midnight clear…

When sleepy-eyed families

hit church to redress—

a year of wrongdoing

in 2 hours or less,

(a hella good deal)

for losing some rest.


This doesn’t account for—

the late Christmas shopper,

who’s still at the mall

becoming a pauper,

trading his dough

for overpriced stuff,

in hopes to avoid

the pending rebuff,

the gifts meant to show,

he’s thoughtful enough.


Since praise without largess

is simply suspicious,

for all that the day

is seen as auspicious,

a message that’s louder

than thanks or good wishes,

a custom we trust in

as being propitious,

a presenting penance

to remit the pernicious.


The Walmarts,

—and K-Marts—

and Marts of all kind,

are the real alters here

with one thing in mind—

their margin increases

with each sale tallied,

—not Jesus–

He’s specious—

and lives in Death Valley.


Happy Holly-DaZe, blOg-O-pEEps!! Thank you for coming by now and again. If you missed the start of this 7-verse sequence, you can get up to date by clicking the links below. Hope you are feeling fat & sassy & oh-so-chill during this much-deserved break from the salt mines.

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Also, this was originally published by the Book Smuggler’s Den, and you can link to that great site–and other inViting reads–here:  Book Smuggler’s Den

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