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To Grit

grit–like glitter

clings to things,

no matter how you wash–

its gripping power,

withstands shower–

spigot, tap, and faucet.

a trip to shore

insure’s the floor

of car is finely dusted,

with flecks &specks,

the beach effect,

is buff–not tan–and crusted

so when your Ford’s

an emery board

don’t curse, or whine or wail,

since pedicure

is easier

with file (in tow) for nails.




Write Angle


You have to carpe diem

or fate will pass you by…

since seeing carp

— don’t free ’em —

for that you need to fly *

so don’t wait–

* bait & seize ’em

unless you don’t fish fry…

©Karen Robiscoe

prompt: fry


kiK the Habit


My Ant bought the farm. . .

My Uncle called “Me”!

and Father just killed some Time. . .

and Brother I’d druther

was from other mother

–got too Big for britches

and died.

The Pen State of 409


Mr. Clean

had a thing

for little 409—

a scrubbing bubble,

made for trouble,

scented lemon-lime.


A Brawny guy

–and just as fly

as paper he promoted

he spiked

her span,

lined her cans,

and on him–number doted.


And all was well,

until she fell,

into kitchen basin…

jammin’ drain

(but cleaning stains)

her heartbeat doubled…racin’..


Would hero–hers,

be Janitor

drummin’ up some business?

or Mr. Bowl

now, oh so old,

to salvage

cleaning citrus?


Neither, nor,

it turned out


–09 had a handle,

on more than grime,

and double-time,

she leveraged self–

from channel.



daily prompt: clean

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