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Looking glace

I like French vanilla

better than

plain old vanilla and I

can’t figure why. . .

I suppose it isn’t imported still

maybe Notre Dame churns it,

or maybe

you can French Fry it like

that green tea treat–
or maybe it’s the custard base or maybe not

–since most chickens aren’t partial to eggs but

whatever it is,

it’s got this

je ne sais quoi

quality that surpasses

plain old vanilla

by meters. . .

kilometers even it’s

almost as bien

as the


My C B A’s

I wrote you all these letters…

to show you


–mine, yours, imaginary…
simple signs

assigned to symbols

that somehow never crashed, I revamped

Q&A form into bones…

boring chickenscratch clear to marrow

–new-ance mine, I drew


(in the sand)

line by line

byline in


Gee &

Effin’ A.

I never meant to be


Now that’s a Club!


After making lots of


I had bread,

and as I was the Biggest Cheese,

cheddar also abounded

–not to get all up in your grill about it, but

toast to that, right?

–down the old gullet

and with lettuce to spare,

I brought home the bacon,

–a task I didn’t relish, so

things got a bit dry

from there,

though the club

I founded subsequently

was no turkey.

just gravy

No tomatoes, either,

because who can afford seed?


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