Holly-Daze (series) #8


The countdown’s been counted,

and kisses exchanged,

‘lang syne has been yodeled,

in high-octave range.

The Waterford Ball

in Times Square has dropped,

the New Year’s begun—

the old one has stopped.

According to recording

GMT clocks.


Time now to honor,

extravagant claims,

of what you will do

that isn’t the same…

And how these adjustments

are sure to effect,

an overdue tune-up

on things you have wrecked

—and by you–I mean me,

because I project.


The quitting of drinking—

will help you grow healthy.

The quitting of gambling—

will help you be wealthy.

The halting of


while wearing

in private–

will set an example,

both pompous & pious.


This year will be different.

—If ancients weren’t lying—

the Aztecs…the Hopis,

the Toltecs, & Mayans

as planets aligning

will shift, too, our focus,

swing north pole to south,

& screw up the locus.

(unless it’s all been

so much hocus-pocus)


Hurrah! We’ve made it. The bad news is also the good news; with 2 months down and 2 months to go, we are halfway thru these shorter days. I don’t know about you, but eVening falling at 4:30 is just too short a day for my sensibilities, and I am always a happier camper when the sun hangs around for more than a cameo.


We’ve also made it to the 8th and final installment in this series,. As usual with this sequence of verses, find links to all that came before below. Click thru for a full view of how the last 2 months unfolded–in joy, jeer and jest–and have a Happy New Year while you’re at it, too.

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