Holly-DaZe (series) #7

7 (Deadly Sins) Week

You’re bloated

—and bankrupt

Yule Tide’s washed your tanker,

into islands of debt,

peopled by bankers–

–likely to raise

your APR soon,

since plastic’s


and rarely a boon.


And though Noel’s past

and Boxing Day’s done,

you’re not

off the hook yet

for ritual fun,

as pending New Year

dictates a freezing–

–of habits—

—and vices–

and other things pleasing.


Yes, gluttons

will diet,

and lazy men toil,

the proud find new lows,

the envious foiled,

smokers will quit,

and drinkers abstain,



of helpful champagne.


Live life

to the fullest,

these next seven days,



dubious ways.

Indulge in your cravings

your crutches and sins—

at least until midnight

when New Year’s begins.


We are just one ball drop away from the holly-daZe coming to a close–if they still do that in NY, anyway–and to mark that, here is a timely verse in this tongue-in-cheek overview of the holidays. A little jest, a little jibe, but all in good fun, I hope 2023 is a great year globally.

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Also, this was originally published by the Book Smuggler’s Den, and you can link to that great site–and other inViting reads–here:  Book Smuggler’s Den

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