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Rap it Up

Happy New year, everybuddy. :)

Tabby tells

things she shouldn’t

spilling beans

she said she wouldn’t

through sealed lips

she’ll kiss and tell

Tabby is a

n’er do well..

her motor mouth

shoots rapid-fire

dishing dirt

a constant crier

a whistle that forever blows

Tabby keeps you in the know…

She unbags cat

no Schrodinger

and talks such smack

to totes strangers

she chats you up at wait for bus,

but keep an eye

Tab’s dangerous

she’ll toss you under

just because,

so if you want

to keep the peace

don’t tell Tab

she writes the beats

for gossip rags you might avoid,

because of course,

Tab’s a Tabloid.

tabby bloid©Karen Robiscoe

daily prompt: gossips


Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTER


day begins

looking glass

that’s deep within


to magnify

the passing day

to central


but what if




of light reflection?

opened up

to BreeZe & bEEz

could focus grow

would locus be–


& faceted

a sparkling view

& glass-less


would vista change?

would spirit grow?

dropping cloth

on inner show?

It’s hard to see

but maybe so.

Karen R.

daily prompt: the mirror cracked


skippers dipper

this skiPPer’s diPPer

refreshing potion

is Ice-Sea of knowledge

nicked from the ocean

 A saline non-issue

that’s filtered thru kelp

–which doubles as swimsuit

and that’s a big help.

and sure there’s a

brain freeze

if too Big a Gulp

& globally warming

the outsides results.

Better to sip &

assimilate brine

since hydrated insight

applies itself fine.

©Karen Robiscoe

daily prompt: Pick your Potion

I Only Hate the Ending

Really WordPress? This is a good daily prompt?

Can’t Stand Me

“What do you find more unbearable: watching a video of yourself, or listening to a recording of your voice? Why?”




I only hate the ending

of recorded bits of me

I’m the shite

beyond all right

on tape or on videe…


She waded at a silent shore,

testing brink of now & then

–and whispered wish for sands before


and missing him a life or more

beyond the shoals of why & when,

She waded at a silent shore


as sirens will a sea implore,

on weighted buoy of hope & yen

–and whispered wish for sands before


that any tide, or swearing for

could e’re undo, nor change amend,

She waded at a silent shore


impelled to seek by deepest core,

confusing, fixed phenomenon

–and whispered wish for sands before


for beacon lost atop a moor

that trumped all start & stayed all end

She waded at a silent shore

–and whispered wish for sands before…

©Karen Robiscoe

daily prompt: That’s Amore

M’s Little Pieces


On shattered glass

I wrote a face

its canvas unrelentingly,

tattooed eyes

that seemed surprised

and downturned mouth lamenting.
On second pass

I charted space

between my borrowed ribs,

drew blackest hole

where heart would go

breaking several nibs.
On third and last

I tried to trace

unmanifest inside,

the spirit pure

the light obscured

and sketched a broken smile.

©Karen Robiscoe

daily prompt: mirrored


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